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Services for individuals 

Do you want to rethink your interior , to arrange a new living space, or you simply cannot stand your furniture anymore? We are here to help you. 

The goal of BCM² is to virtually model your home while meeting your expectations. To do so, we  will contact you in order to understand your desires better and be able to fully match your vision.


What you receive 


2D Overview

2-dimensional plans that will allow you  to precisely locate your furniture. 

site 4.png

3D Overview

3-dimensional plans that will allow you to visualize the space of your room

Image 5-05-20 at 16.22.jpeg

Realistic images 

These virtual reality images will allow you  to project yourself into your new decor 

site 3.png


The before / after images are based on the pictures you will send us

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 12.08.54.

Shopping list 

The shopping list will guide you through finding your new furniture and decoration items. Indeed, it includes all the elements used in the plans as well where you can shop them.

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